I want to talk to a real person not voice recording. I have negative 34 dollars in my bank account.

I was charged 79 bucks twice. I NEED to get this fixed. ASAP. i need my money.

I only needed to purchase the access code once not twice. If you can please please please fix this.

I don't want an overdrawn fee or to be charged twice when I only meant to purchase the code once. Get back to me soon please.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Pearson is a bunch of fraud *** *** Always double charging people and acting like they cant do anything about it. *** company and customer service on earth.


These people are crooks. I just got charge for a purchase I did not even do.

I have an unauthorized purchase through my bank for 103? Like what the actual F* . I call my bank to have it dispute. Last time I made a purchase was 5 months ago.

Someone made that fraudulent charge to my bank. I need my *** money back Pearson


If you are trying to reach Pearson, I doubt you'd be able to reach them through here. If any companies do read any of these, it may not be for months or years later.

I would suggest writing them a letter, or keep trying by telephone or email. Or you could contact your credit company or bank that is associated with your card and see if that would work.


Call your bank and dispute the charge ASAP. Pearson doesn’t give a *** even if you call their tech support.

They are blatantly profiteering off of students, so I would recommend that you dispute the charge and talk to your professor, too. Let him/her know what’s going on and to stop giving Pearson business.


I'm not even a consumer of this company and I have two unauthorized charges on my account. I disputed them with my bank. I have never even heard of Pearson Education, nor did I request or authorize any purchases from them.

Robert M

I was double charged over $100 and they act like no big deal, 2 weeks. 2 weeks!!

I have bills to pay. WTF


This happened to me too!! Did they give you your money back ?!

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