I had purchased a brand new book with a brand new access code. When the code didn't work, I had to contact Pearson, then the bookstore.

I was told I'd receive a reply in 24-48 hours. I waited nine days for a response. Felt like they had forgot about me. I sent an e-mail.

They responded, "We have verified with the book store that we are sending out all the correct packages." I had to wait NINE days for that response?! Finally, after being on the phone for an hour, I was told I ordered a book for the class that started June 2, not July 7. It's the same class! They said, the classes and book are a little different.

Really? Even though they have the same subject and course number? MATH 1342. The book is the same.

They said, the set up is different. I bet there's not ten cents worth of difference, and no they would not refund my code. I figured that much, since they warn you of that on the website. They'll take it back if it hasn't been opened.

What are the chances of someone finding out it's no good without even opening it? But considering the money I've spent there since ALL of my classes require those textbooks, and the fact that I didn't even USE the code, they can't refund me?

These companies are making a killing. $150 give or take per access code with book, each student paying up that amount, and I can't get my money back?

Monetary Loss: $167.

Location: Mesa, Arizona

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...one more thing...

I didn't realize all of this until it was too late to get a refund from Amazon.ca.


They got me too. I signed up for a class at BCIT here in Vancouver and the class required a particular textbook which I sourced at Amazon.ca instead of the BCIT bookstore.

That was my mistake. Pearson associates their books with a particular school and if the textbook is not purchased from the school, it likely won't work to access the online content when taking classes at said school.

Nowhere on BCITs website (or their bookstore) did it mention this policy. It's a giant cash grab.

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