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Make a *** good program that doesn’t give solutions such as “use technology to solve this problem.”

*** what *** technology are you referring to for *** sake. Half the time I’ve spent with this stupid course I’ve been googling 500 different *** calculators to find the right god damn one.

I am not learning *** about statistics, just how to use a stupid *** calculator I will literally never use again. To make this worse, your absolutely retarded inclination to make problems absolutely long as *** is giving me brain damage. You guys make me hate statistics more than anything I’ve ever taken, whether that be multivar calculus, linear algebra, or differential equations. At least in those classes, I felt rewarded for solving a problem.

Unlike you guys, which present the material in the must dry, arduous, and borderline *** asinine way I can imagine someone could possibly do. It’s almost like you fucksticks intentionally made this program to be as horrible as the laws of physics allow. Half the *** problems don’t even tell you what decimial place to round to, and then penalize you for getting it wrong ON SOMETHING YOU DIDNT *** SPECIFY. ???

If you’re so god damn keen on making me use technology to solve problems, and then penalizing us for finding one that doesn’t round to your stupid arbitrary 17th decimal place, you can all honestly choke on the fattest *** that has ever been graced upon this world.

Another thing, how is inputting the same stupid 50 *** variables into the same *** equation for the tenth god damn time going to make me learn how to input useless garbage into a calculator any better. Jesus *** Christ I hate you guys so much.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Mystatlab Program.

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