I hate Pearson. It is, without a doubt, the worst education company I have ever used, and possibly the worst education company that has every existed.

It's super laggy, it teaches you absolutely nothing, the questions make no sense, and often the answers that are provided aren't even correct. Every single one of my classmates (including myself) hates it.

If you are a teacher and are considering using Pearson, spare yourself and everyone in your class the pain and don't. I can guarantee you will regret it.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Pearson frustrates me so much. It feels like I never learn anything on it because the questions they give you always seem harder than the actual lesson. I end up just guessing so I pass and don't really learn much.


Yes, you are right!


you are so correct. we are doing it now and I'm super bored of doing it. hello my mom of alanta little mom alanta

Tacoma, Washington, United States #1270086

I am a parent to a 3rd grader student at a privat Christian school who can definitely attest to the lack of love you're giving Pearson. We've been experiencing negatige effects of my child falling behind with out any intervention. It is absolutely confusing and we have decided to pull our child out of school because of it.

Tracy, California, United States #1268979

I agree with you, pearson made me stressed out because it didnt make any sense even the question help didn't even help and my teacher made my class to review over the programs but it didnt make any sense to me and my classmates. I really wish this education company should shut down because when you finish a topic and you have to do a test on that topic and you put your answers then it didnt make any sense so i got a 23% on my test because i couldnt understand the test because of pearson.


After using their software, I refused an interview with them for their software product because I didn't want my name associated with such an embarrassing product

to Anonymous #1548516

My school started going to Pearson. As an educator, I attempted the course as a student.

Half the questions they asked in a unit were from other units, and about a quarter were wrong according to their book. Horrible and slapped together, prefab crap.

Please, if you are an educator, try taking the whole course yourself. You'll be surprised how confusing, wrong, and un-educating these programs are.

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