Last semester it took me a week, days, and hours to finally get the problem fixed of me not being able to even purchase the textbook for my course. Pearson couldn’t even tell me why or find out what was going on.

I fell way behind and had a overload of work do to them! Agent after agent after agent! I had to go through about 8 agents between phones calls of them tryn to figure the problem out! I was even dropped from my other class in the process of tryn to fix a & p which created another problem!

Eventually I had to buy the book from a different vender for the access code to find oht what the real problem was. When i used it i got an error message that my account needed to be updated! The representative updated my account with address, etc and I got in. The rep told me if I hadn’t brought the access code from somewhere else they wouldn’t have never figured out the problem .

Now here it is the next semester , a totally diff Class and book and Although im in the class, I cant access the homework now! Its been two weeks now! Me and the teacher have been constantly contacting them and still no one knows why I can’t!

Worst program ever! Mind you we have already paid for access.

Location: Gainesville, Florida

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