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Pearson puts out two incredibly similar textbooks "Introductory Chemistry" and "Introductory Chemistry Essentials." I needed to compare the two to determine which one students in my 80-person course should order. The customer service people at Pearson told me that both books were the exact same, tho they are not.

That's not really their fault since those customer service LACK ACCESS to the books. So, it became my job to find my "Pearson rep;" this was exponentially more difficult than it needed to be because my school was not in their system. With some difficulty I eventually got contact info for two reps: one denied that she was a rep and eventually failed to help get me access to the texts and the other rep never returned my call and email. I eventually tracked down a physical copy of both books, which took considerable effort on my part.

FYI, the books are exactly the same word-for-word and problem-for-problem, and the "Introductory Chemistry Essentials" simply lacks chapters 18 and 19. Oddly, both of the textbooks in question bear the textbook cover photo image for "Introductory Chemistry Essentials" on the Pearson site (see attached screenshot).

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