I have tried calling tech support 7 times at different hours of the day and week. The 24/7 hour support is a lie. Personally I don't think they even have tech support. I spent a total of 14 hours on hold, 2 hours each call. I tried there "Live Chat" that they talk about while you are on hold. You log on and the counter says someone will be with you in 30 minutes, you wait 30 minutes and is says I am sorry as soon as someone is available they will be with you. I waited 4 hours to see if that was true and not one person.

So I have paid for an access code that doesn't work and cannot get support. I would not recommend this company to any student or school for use. They get your money and disappear.

To get the MySocLab access code I had to buy a new book and pay the lab fees. I spent $154.00 and could have bought a used book of $52.00.

I think it is ridiculous that this business is still in business. Thinking about a class action law suit.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Location: Palm Harbor, Florida

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I got a *** bag tech that was lazy and lied about how our environment is not adequate. Just so he could leave for the day and be done with me. They are useless.


I have been getting the run around for the past week. I can not get different groups of Pearson Tech support to coordinate to solve anything.

I get stuck as the middle person. Also there are a heck of a lot of "Known glitches" that don't seem to ever get fixed. They will not tell you about these glitches and the 1st level of support people are useless but if you manage to get the case escalated a higher level tech person will come out with, "oh yeah that is a know glitch". Well gee thanks for letting me know.

We have had many business critical functions which just do not work and it does not look like they will ever get fixed. For instance, Class counts do not recalculate properly and as a result courses get over enrolled. We had this problem last year and this school year stated again and we still have the problem. I had the case escalated but even that person ended up closing the case with no resolution.

I was told that there is a known glitch that has been sent to development. This is a crucial function, how long has this glitch existed. I had another instance where I needed to change a school code. There was a link on the menu.

I read the online help and did what it said and nothing worked. Tech support then tells me there is a known glitch and there is a work around on Powersource.

The article for the workaround was from 2007. So there is a known glitch since 2007 but they still leave this option on the menu in 2014 and end users have no clue that if they click on it will screw up all of their data.


I am currently on hold with the "live chat" and on the phone on hold with tech support - the site has been very slow to respond for over 5 hours. Just 2 days ago my chapters would not load without an error message.

It took 3 live chats before I found someone that could address the problem and an email to the instructor asking she contact them as well.

It is now 1 hr. and 45 mins.

later and no answer on either contact. They are no longer taking emails so there is no way to advise them of the issue except to hold.

This is study time needed for the test tomorrow.


I have been with the chat for an hour now, only to correct the fact that I launched an older edition of the etext. The support tech keeps telling me that I have the right etext.

Mind you I know how the etext for my course is supposed to look like.

Am just going to have to figure this out alone. What's the use of the support tech if he doesn't understand the system?

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