To communicate with an agent took 55 minutes (the original counter said the wait time was 45 minutes) for a Chat session (which, the website said, was the fastest way! Hah!).

Then, when I was finally connected to Harriete, she kept on having me do the exact same things over and over that I had told her did not work (the registration screens). After each answer, I had to wait about 2-4 minutes for her to wake up from her silence. Even for simple questions as, "should I click on the 'I accept' button?" Then, I finally asked for a manager, and after a 20 minute wait, I get a fellow who apologizes that he's not a manager, but a "specialist" (he didn't bother to mention his specialty, but I suspect it's not efficient and attentive customer support). To make matters worse, the website is poorly designed with list of options in pull-down menus that you can only access by going 2-3 times inside the pull-down menu to "open" the sub-lists.

Stay away from this company. They run a supremely mediocre online operation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Website.

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