As an 'highly effective' educator for twelve years, with two masters degrees, I needed to take a Pearson exam to obtain my SBL license. I signed up, and entered the facility.

Within minutes jack hammers began to wail and vibrate through the testing center. Construction was underway on the floor above. No advance notice of this ( no change of venue), no practice for this little disturbance at home. The proctors had headphones on everyones desks to limit the noise.

Gee I guess Pearson must have been aware of this small glitch? To no avail, the headphones didn't cut it. The room continued to vibrate as I stared into the computer screen, even with the uncomfortably tight headphones on. This went on for the full eight hour exam!

No apologies were offered from Pearson. Just another day as they collected my $435. Pass or fail, they win.

Also, don't plan on drinking any water during the test.

You can't bring it in! Who needs to be hydrated to let oxygen flow well to the brain? What are you a sissy? 'No water allowed' is a rule that you (the test taker) must sign in order to enter their lair.

Why? Are they concerned that you may have crib notes hidden in the water molecules? I can't figure it out. Glad that wasn't a question on the test!

So an overall horrible experience thanks to Pearson Vue.

It was less a test of content knowledge than an endurance test, or a 'cult' entrance exam, or perhaps fodder for a future class to teach on hazing rituals, 101. Oh, and did I mention my career rides on this?

Yeah, it does. Well done, Pearson and thanks also to the zombies at the NY State Board of Regents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Practice Exam.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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