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REVEL claims to be a textbook replacement with supplemental activities to aid in learning. Problem is, you cannot view the text alone without multiple "interactives" on every page which inevitably get skipped, and there is no way to prevent the quizzes from popping up periodically.

Even if you're just trying to read the chapter and do the assignment later. The "textbook" has been nothing but problems for me, freezing literally every 2 pages regardless of which browser you use. Customer support is almost non-existant.

There is clearly technical issues on their end which they refuse to address. Seems like colleges are scamming us out of quality education using terrible online assignment programs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Revel Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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revel is the absolute worst decision my professor could have made for a textbook. i have had overall three instances when it would sign me out and say i don't have access to this class and one of those three is today the day before my exam for the course.


Questions in most quizzes range from overtly simple to something so convoluted and awkwardly phrased that it almost sounds like it went through a poor translation or two. Answers also succumb to this flaw.

They can be straight-forward, or they can be derived from implicit text that wastes too much time explaining 'creative' metaphors or examples for concepts that could be stated in a small amount of words. No whole retakes.

No proctors to assist. Enjoy your permanent partial credit on a multiple choice question just because the individual who designed it lacks the mind to make it clear and understandable from the start.


This program is garbage. They say they offer 14 day trial but when it goes down for 5 days due to "maintenance" they say there is nothing they can do.

That they can not extend the time.

Nor offer free services. I had only 2 assignments to do and was forced to pay $86 for something that took me two hours to do


Yeah I am having to use it for my Psychology class and i freaken hate it. I want my paper book back. Better than this garbage and I can read it more effectively.

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