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Is there any way I can get a refund?

I signed up for the Pearson assessment last a week ago but did not schedule the test. Since then, I have been offered a math job for which I am licensed; therefore, I do not have to take an exam.

Can I now get a refund? I also ordered practice materials.

I would like that refunded too if at all possible. Thank you.

1 answer
Irene Moore
According to the Pearson Support section, to request a refund please follow the steps below:
If you were billed in US dollars (USD):
  • click contact us;
  • under the Product name, select your product from the menu;
  • under Issue category, select Refunds;
  • follow the on-screen instructions.

If you were billed in other currencies, please contact the Pearson customer care team.
If you purchased Pearson products at, you have 30 days of the shipment date to return them for a full refund. Returns must be shipped via traceable means with the original invoice enclosed. To expedite processing, please send your return to the returns address located at the bottom of your invoice.
To get more information about the Refund Policy, please contact the Pearson Customer Service at 800-624-0023 Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 7:30PM Eastern Time.

How can I change my email linked to my pearson account?

by Tenoch

I am currently retaking a class. My previous Pearson access code expired and I am trying to buy a new one.

However, it won't let me change the email that I used from the first time around.

I know my old email and the password but the email itself has been disabled and I am no longer able to get into the email in order to receive the access code. I would love help on how to do this.

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Why can’t I sign in?

I tried to log in to My Math Lab and when I did the service said I needed to register, even though I already have. I’ve purchased the entire service. I have the email which shows my purchase, and I’ve tried to reset my password, but nothing has worked.

1 answer
Ann McDonald
If you have problems with accessibility to the website, please email your issue at

How can I get my refund?

I registered for the first time yesterday and was trying to purchase a book, by this time I already confirmed my email address. However, the first two times I tried to go through with the payment it just kept loading for more than 10 minutes, so I would close the tab.

Both times after closing the tab, it wouldn’t let me sign back in. I kept trying to sign back in and eventually deleted the cached files as the sign in page was suggesting. After that, I successfully signed back in and tried to go through the payment again, this time it worked and sent me to a page where it says they will send me an email of the info, etc.

This morning when I checked my bank account I saw that I got charged THREE TIMES. So I need to get $199.50 refunded.

1 answer
Ann McDonald

According to Pearson Education support page, to request a refund for an online subscription you purchased directly from a Pearson Education website (other than Revel):
  1. Click contact us Under Product name
  2. Select your product from the menu Under Issue category
  3. Select Refunds Follow the on-screen instructions


Is the 44 dollar access code all I need to do my work for my online class or do I need the 89 dollar one?

1 answer
Ann McDonald
Your question is quite specific. It is better to contact Pearson Education customer service by phone at 210- 504-3055 or by email at

How do I create a Pearson account through D2L l?

I am signed in my D2L and I am trying to get into Pearson through my biology 1107 class through D2L but every time I click on the website name Pearson it just says that session has expired.

1 answer
Ann McDonald
Regarding your question it is recommended to consult Pearson Education customer support team by phone at 800-328-5999

What's my mistake when I gave my exam??

Actually I gave my exam on 10 August and I got 43 score and I also gave my exam 4 times but always I got 5.5 and the last time when I gave my exam I'm dam sure my exam was going to be good but I don't get good score. Now I want to no that what's my mistake in my exam.

1 answer
Ann McDonald

Your question is rather personal and specific. It is better to contact Pearson Education customer service by phone at 210- 504-3055 or by email at


how to find Literary agent associated with Pearson?

Need to find an Literary Agent whi is familiar with Pearson Publishing

1 answer
Ann McDonald

You can ask Pearson Education customer service for help by phone at 210- 504-3055 or by email at


pearson revel student access code card

cant redeem

1 answer
Irene Moore
According to Pearson Support, you should check the instructions that came with the code to make sure that you are at the correct website for your program, or check with your instructor that you are trying to access the correct site and course.
If you are still unable to complete your registration, you should contact Pearson Customer Support by following the link Please use the Issue category from the dropdown menu to select “Access Code”, and a chat session with the Pearson Virtual Assistant will immediately appear in the bottom right corner of your browser window. You need to provide the following information:
  • You access code
  • The site you are attempting to access
  • Your course ID (if any)
  • The error code you received


my book order went through twice without confirmation and I need to cancel asap

1 answer
Irene Moore
According to Pearson Help Center, you can cancel for a full refund any order for online resources within 30 days after you pay for them. If you want to cancel your contract, please notify the company by email at, setting out your order number and details of the cancellation items, or by submitting a Pearson form here Once you have cancelled you will have no further access to the online resource. You may not cancel an order for a download (e.g. e-books) once payment has been confirmed, as this is when the download process starts.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase of physical goods, you should notify the company that you want to cancel Pearson contract and return items (if you have received them) in the original condition within 30 days from the date of receipt. You can notify the company by email at, setting out your order number and details of the item, or by submitting the cancelation form as mentioned above. If the company receives your cancellation notification after your items have entered their order system for processing, then they will be dispatched to you but you may still return them within 30 days of receipt.
International (Non-U.K. customers) Pearson returns should be sent to:
Kuehne + Nagel - Pearson Eindhout
Eindhoutse Heide 1
BE-2430 Eindhout, Belgium
UK Pearson returns should be sent to:
Pearson Eindhout BE-2430
c/o Kuehne + Nagel Ltd
Unit 3, 15 - 23 Claudius Way
NN8 2DH Once the Pearson received your return, they will issue a refund for the price of the item paid by you using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, or supply you with a new one, at your option.


I tried to register for microbiology online home work and textbook but when every time I put in the instructor name and section it reads " the instructor no longer accept students" when I contacted my instructor regarding the issue he said "contact pearson". I am kind of stuck in the middle because when every time I try to log in to access support it says I don't have an account even tho I do. So I need help registering for this class ASAP

1 answer
Irene Moore
If you are getting an error while signing in to a Pearson Higher Education product, you should identify the possible reason. Please check out the list of possible sign in errors below:
  • Retrieve Your Username (Login Name) or Reset Your Password
  • "Authentication Required" Error
  • Expired Subscription
  • Message: "Thank you for logging into a premium content area. Please close this window and go back to your course."
  • HTTP 401, 403, or 404 Error
  • Message: "An Error Has Occurred: No Error or Exception Details Available".
  • Message: "There is already an user exist with the same login name, User cannot be registered."
  • Security Settings Prevent Logging In (no message is displayed but the page reloads.)
    • Please select one of the abovementioned options and check out their troubleshooting scenarios here If you still need any assistance, you can contact Pearson Education Customer Service following the link

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