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Oh my god. I cannot begin to explain everything that is wrong with Pearson, especially MyMathLab. But I will certainly put my horrible experience in...

First, everything works fine, I created an account with a trial period, did all problems out of homework, logged off. I thought every time would be this easy, like most websites.

I was severely mistaken...

I tried to log on again and it told me my trial period was up I knew it was going to so I bought the full version (a whopping $95+!). To my dismay, all my work was deleted!!!

I tried contacting customer support by phone, several times, and no answer. Online chat I had to wait 30+ minutes just to have someone say "I'm sorry about the inconvenience, please try again later and it should show up" or "Contact your professor and see if he can help you." YOU'RE customer support, not my professor. YOU'RE supposed to be knowledgeable in this, not him. If he knew everything, he would be a support rep not a teacher. The last rep I talked with that day gave my the fabulous answer of: create a new account pay another $95+ for the access code to see if you get all my work back. I would LOVE to know how creating a new account and paying almost 100 extra dollars is going to get my grades and homework to magically reappear!

The second time I tried logging in, it kept logging me out every 2 minutes or so. Another 2 hours waiting and chatting with a rep online got me the response of "I honestly don't know why it's doing this. You shouldn't even be able to log in" and he disconnected.

Now I can't log in, all my previous work is missing, and I'm failing my class customer support has no idea what's wrong or how to even begin to fix it.

My school says I have to print off the problems from someone else's account (20¢ per page I might add) or buy another access code like the one rep told me. Because after all "it could work, they know more than you do".

Pearson has being scamming everyone out of money. It's not worth the high cost to have the extra stress and failing grade of your classes to use them.


Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service, poor design, defective, not as described, problem with payment, all of the above and more! .

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: Full refund and compensation of my failing class and time I spent talking with useless customer support.

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MyMathLab is AWFUL! AWFUL!

I spend more time waiting on the cursor to spin round and round than I do actually doing the problems.

Today, it finally just told me "we cannot contact the server at the moment". Piece of absolute ***.

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