Order was placed in mid March. One month later the order has not been sent for delivery to our address. The item ordered was time sensitive as for the school year. The school year will end in six weeks. This book will only be used for the following four.

Mid April I called the company to follow up. Order appears to have miraculously arrived today and will be shipped tomorrow. Got the feeling this is more of a "we will keep your money until you call" kind of event. Glad we only ordered one book to see what kind of service they offer.

They refused to overnight ship it. Or admit to anything else. They said the order will ship when they receive it.

No notice was ever sent of the item being back ordered,etc. They confirmed they had my email and phone number on record.

Will never order from them again.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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They have you waiting for soooo long. Literally the worst customer service!


The worst customer service I have ever experienced. You are just a number. They don't care. Unfortunately throughout school and even when you have to take state boards for certain jobs you have to deal with Pearson and its various parts. It's frustrating because you often don't have the opportunity to use or go through someone else and they must know that. also, its pretty evident they farm out their customer service to various areas because I feel like I'm calling India

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