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I paid for and scheduled the CCNP ROUTE exam circa 11/2016 using my credit card.Given I had been working a lot with switching lately I decided to take the CCNP SWITCH exam instead and take the ROUTE exam later.

When I tried to cancel online to get the refund so I could use it to pay for the SWITCH exam the PearsonVue website flagged the card as invalid. The card is perfectly valid but the expiration date had recently been reached and a new card (same number) was issued with a new expiration date. Since is to antiquated to allow you to maintain your payment method(s) there is now way to update it. As such you have to call their horrible customer service and sit on hold for a very long time.

After 40 minutes of being on hold and listening to the idiotic messages about how much they care about my business I just hung up as I have too much else to get done to waste that amount of time. I just rescheduled the ROUTE exam for a couple of months out and am just going to pay for the SWITCH exam so I can get it done. Moreover PearsonVue does not publish any contact information on their website or if they do it's well hidden. I had to search on the web to get the customer support number.

When the initial person answered they immediately apologized for the long wait time.

I have been CCNA certified for almost 10 years now and given my terrible experiences with PersonVue and the very poor quality of Cisco "professional" level tests I'm becoming increasingly inclined to say the *** with Cisco certification or any certification that uses this *** poor system.The whole IT certification business seems to have become incredibly poor over the last few years.

Review about: Pearson Education Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes They hide and you cannot get a straight answer and a new person each time


This company has no business evaluating student performance Its all about the almighty dollar $$$

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