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What is happening is that my school is under a Pearson test mode lock down for the next three months! The PARCC test is wreaking havoc in their school.

Learning has stopped! It is all about teach to the test that DOES NOT MATTER! Non test subjects are affected as the teachers have to give up their room for this invasion. It is nonstop prepping and testing, prepping and testing.

Then we get to do it ALL again in May. Next year the testing company has the audacity to schedule it during the Easter break! Now Easter break has to be rescheduled! Really?

It's all about the money. This company should be ashamed of itself and what it is doing to education. My family refused to be used and we REFUSED the Pearson PARCC tests.

May others do the same! Just Google Refuse the PARCC

Reason of review: PARCC TEST is destroying education.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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