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I spent 160 dollars on this textbook for access to this product, and it is useless. More than once it crashed and lost my progress.

It loads poorly, it is glitchy, and even if I did not have these technical errors, no one could possible learn from it. It asks broad questions that have many ways of being completed, but if you deviate from the very specific (yet not defined) path they have set, you get points deducted.

It is tedious, time consuming, and I have learned nothing. Sometimes, it is not necessary to add so much technology to something, this is just pointless.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $160.

Preferred solution: either start making better products, or stop monopolizing the school systems. I shouldn't be forced to pay for your half complete software.

Location: Glen Ellyn, Illinois

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Worst program I have ever used. Spent $800 for a class that I have to use this worthless site.

Uploads my completed documents as not completed or missing data. Crashed my computer twice.

Tech support has no idea what they are doing. Horrible!!!!

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