They do not offer any customer assistance - their 24/7 available chat took 30 minutes holding to have someone answer who didn't ask me anything beyond why I was texting - then told me to download the latest Adobe (which I already had - but he didn't ask about), then asked for my OS (Windows 7), then, on my informing him that I use McGraw-Hill's online equiv and have no trouble with their set up - only anything put out by Pearson online, he informed me he'd need to escalate my issue and immediately disconnected the chat. I saved the screen print, and am glad I did, because the email account of the conversation included an added suggestion that customer appeared to end conversation, despite the screen print showing the rep's final statement he'd be escalating followed by his disconnect. I have never heard any follow up, and don't know how I could since he didn't collect my email or contact info either.

Today, I called their 877-672-**** customer service line at 12:55pm. At this time (2:14pm mountain) I'm still on hold - no one has ever answered - I've simply been listening to hold music and thank you for holding while our reps assist other students.....Their site offers no email address to contact them on directly - and essentially, as a student forced to rely on their product and service, you're screwed.

I have had to purchase and use their Mastering....sciences e-texts and online homeworks as well as their MyMathLabs. None of their E-texts can be viewed in full on my HP Windows 2007 Netbook......and since I can't reach anyone via phone, and online chat just tells me to load what I already have, I'm looking at having to arrange my student life to use other computers in order to study and do homework all together. I've shown instructors what I'm dealing with, and will submit my concern to the departments selecting the texts......and since Pearson seems to be set up so that they cannot be accessed or held accountable once they have your purchase, I'm posting the experience here too.

Miserable to non-existent service and program. I do also have a science class using McGraw-Hill's equiv and not only did I reach them in minutes when I had a question, which they resolved and responded with resolution to within hours of the phone call and email, but I've never not been able to access and read my full text with them.

My accounts with Pearson are not only costing me funds and time for having to travel to use school desktops - but the added stress for having to make these accommodations, and not feeling as prepared or ready for quizzes and tests is inexcusable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Program.

Location: West Jordan, Utah

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