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Worst company I have ever had the misfortune of being taken advantage by. I am currently in college and am forced by my school to use their online labs as a portion of my on campus grades. I have failed two online classes, French and Trigonometry, because the answers I gave were not correct according to Pearson's online quizzes. This is contrary to the fact that while taking the online quizzes, I had the answers directly in front of me.

The other problem is their eBook reader app. It doesn't work... at all! If I want to use the book I have to use a browser and be connected to the internet. This is not always possible for me.

I also don't like the fact that this is just another way for a company to make money off of me for the "opportunity" of going to school. The cost of Pearson online classes should be added to the cost of my tuition and not a surprise when I get to class and hear about the cost while going the class syllabus.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Pearson is money hungry thieves, us college students have enough people digging into our pockets. We are forced to be in debt by this corrupt system even before we get a real job, it's total BS


Rob W. at Pearson,

Pass along this:

You're all a bunch of vultures.


Thieves vultures both are accurate names for these corrupted people. Let education be affordable!!!!!

To the common people!!!! We all don't have tons of money like your company we make you what you are, we don't have to buy your junk!! And then where will be your revenue?! Oh wait college forces us to buy your junk!

Hey how about we go on strike from the educational corrupted system?

Anyone in? I know I am


Hi. My name is Rob W.

and I work at Pearson. I've passed along your complaint to my colleagues in sales, marketing, and customer service as part of our ongoing effort to improve our products and experiences for our customers.

If there's anything else you need, please post a private message on our Facebook page. Be sure to include your name, email address and/or telephone number so one of our representatives can work directly with you to resolve your complaint.

Thank you.