Pearson Education Revel Program Reviews

REVEL PEARSON IS HORRIBLE!! There is constant maintenance on the site and program and after every "update" something goes wrong. I can no longer use the search function, which was the only redeemable quality. Now what I have is a digital mess that cost $100.00. It's terrible, not at all interactive, and the audio clips are only 3 minutes long each. Sectioned out to such short segments means constant browser searching, and on your mobile device...
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I liked
  • Other non revel pearson products
I didn't like
  • Pearson revel products
REVEL claims to be a textbook replacement with supplemental activities to aid in learning. Problem is, you cannot view the text alone without multiple "interactives" on every page which inevitably get skipped, and there is no way to prevent the quizzes from popping up periodically. Even if you're just trying to read the chapter and do the assignment later. The "textbook" has been nothing but problems for me, freezing literally every 2 pages...
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