Pearson Education Mymathlab Program Reviews

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I am so disgusted and disappointed with this online tool, that I considered dropping the class after 2 days of using this *** except all the classes now use this deformed abortion of a learning aide. I hope they got a *** of a kickback for destroying student's motivation and ability to learn math. Maybe my expectations were too high when I though it would be useful. I wish there was a lower rating below very poor for me to select. Luckily...
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My experience with Pearsons MyMathLab has been the worst "educational" method I have ever experienced. My professor has been able to pass the buck on to a half assed thrown together software half of the time i spend in my math class usually involve the professor explaining questions or problems with homework of the night before on MyMathLab allowing me to relive the nightmare the next day. Almost all of my assignments are online with the...
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