Pearson Education - The new eText is an abomination!

Dear Pearson, What in Seven Unholy Hells were you snorting when you came up with this "new and improved" user interface for eText on MasteringEngineering?! This is a *** terrible, clunky, utterly slow all-round regression, compared to the previous version of eText. Allow me to list just why it is so *** - Takes around 10 (sometimes 15!) seconds to load one single page. - Following up on the single page comment: Do you want to maybe look at more than one *** page at any one time? Well, tough tits! They got rid of that, enjoy looking at one page and having half the screen's area blank white. What a waste of *** space. - White: I understand that making things "modern" requires some understated design decisions, but did you really need to make it so BLAND?! This is dependent on personal preferences of course. - Terrible search function; even worse than that of Reddit (seriously, well done managing that). The new search box has completely replaced the "Jump to page" box as well, which wasn't really necessary, as it now takes longer to get to a page than before because the results are all cluttered in a random order. If you're searching for anything else, well good luck getting what you want; it probably won't be on the search results. This especially goes for when you want to jump to a specific question number. Just forget it. Have fun trudging through single pages, 10~15 seconds at a time. I have most probably missed some things, but I am livid that you can bring out such a smoking turd of software out without a second thought. Sure, the previous eText was quite dated; however, despite that, you managed to replace a dated piece of (flash-based!) software with something even worse! To manage to make a new software worse than a flash-based one, you must have been endeavouring to make it as bad as humanly possible. The previous version of eText was better in every respect of the previously mentioned categories, unfortunately. If this was a project put together by a 9 year old with minimal training in Scratch, then what a great job! However, putting this out, as a large educational company, is completely abysmal, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. I am sure that you are charging my university extortionate fees to access this worthless PoS software as well. Yours
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Den Haag, South Holland
Pearson Education Mastering Engineering Program
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