This is just the most horrible math program out there. The homework: not remotely what you learn in class and the "homework" is just like a quiz where you can't go back and correct your mistake. Homework is to practice your skills, not get graded on for little tiny errors. As for the help HA!, get ready for 25 steps which will just confuse you even more.

The quizzes are not what you do the homework on OR what is taught in class.

Colleges should RUN away from this program as fast as possible. DISGRACEFUL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Mymathlab Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This program just sucks and its build for complete lazy professors who just wants the paycheck. This thing doesn't help you learn


You are so right! I have to use my stat lab for class and when I dont get a question it takes me through but half the steps are nothing but "Use technology to get ###" Completely un-helpful! Tells me absolutely nothing on how to solve the problem .


I hate this *** as well, there has got to be a better way to learn this math we have to do. it is awful!!!


Yeah, this program is *** *** The quizzes are nothing like the homework and it is no help when there are *** 30 steps to solve the damn problem. Please shut this down because it is not helping anyone.


*** Pearson, their books are overpriced. MyMathLab will only fail our education system.


I also hate that it gives you a different problem with the same answer every freaking time. How is that supposed to help me study?

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