Mymathlab is just awful. It has terrible instructions and doesn't offer insightful help when you get something wrong.

You can even get the right answer wrong, causing you to have to do the entire problem all over again and for those who already aren't fluent in math this can make a single homework session an hour or two longer than it should. I would much rather do paper homework, get every answer wrong, but still pass due to partial credit. When you make a minor error and have to sit doing the same problem over and over again, not even sure where you're going wrong because you're flawlessly following the instructions in the examples. There is no consistency in how to answer questions and it changes often.

Many times adding a 3 part system to problems you were just before doing with a single answer before. Often times it is not even very well illustrated that there are more than one parts to the question, causing you to get it wrong even more than before. I'm not good at math, but I'm not terrible at it. If I can sit down and do it on paper it's even enjoyable.

The awfulness of the industry standard however will keep me from taking a math class ever again, since my degree doesn't require it. It is too much of a hassle to put myself through and although I like knowledge, mymathlab stems that love I have somewhat.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Mymathlab Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Yes, Pearson MML is a piece of *** for sure. Their ebook is extremely slow and unresponsive.

I think they have really weird algorithm on their threading system and it makes hard to navigate the pages. Of course, their answering system is very awful and the way it is explaining thing is really hard to catch and understand.


I have to use this crap. It's a headache, especially on Sunday when your isntructor probably is busy somewhere and won't answer till it's too late.


No kidding! I feel your frustration. Mymathlab is a horrendous piece of software.

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