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I was forced to purchase MyLabIT for a class at my school. I have tried to use this program on THREE different computers, all of different types (Macbook, Windows Tablet, and Windows Desktop) and it did not work on any of them.

I am unable to do my homework unless I spend hours in the computer lab at my school because for some reason it only works there, and even then I still have to edit the tabs in the programs (such as Word or Excel) because they do not have what the program needs. I have cried multiple times out of frustration over this program because it was SO expensive and does not even work. I cannot do my school work and it is impacting my grade for the worse. I have no time to spend hours sitting in my school library as I do not live on campus and work full time.

This program is absolutely horrible and I cannot wait for this class to end so I don't have to use it anymore. Unfortunately I, along with other students in the same boat, cannot get out of this situation because it is a requirement for the class.

Pearson Education Cons: Nothing works, Myitlab, Program designed for failure.

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