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Never have I used a more touchy, flawed system in my academic career than this joke of a service. I'm currently taking a Microsoft Excel/Access course and have the displeasure of using Pearson's MyLab IT program to complete it.

To explain further, the "simulation" assignments have you working on Excel in an in-browser environment. Nifty idea, right? The catch is that it'll either: a.) Mark completely valid processes wrong, or b.) Mark something wrong before you even have a chance to finish what you were doing. It's completely touchy and is quick to mark things "wrong" or "incomplete" whether it's for homework or an exam. It's an infuriating issue that could simply be resolved by allowing the student to complete the task first and then submit it for review rather than grading them in real-time and marking them wrong because it didn't like where they clicked in the program.

It's difficult to explain to anyone who hasn't used the program, but picture this: The program asks you to do something in your Excel spreadsheet. There's about 5 different options available to do that (because inversely, Microsoft wants to offer their customers convenience), but the system will have you play a guessing game for which approach you should take before your 5 attempts are out and it boots you to the next question without even an inkling of explanation of what you did wrong.

The program is frustrating and broken enough that even my professor (someone who's been using Excel for almost her entire teaching career of 20 years) was angered by Pearson's joke of a system and had to submit a tech support request of her own to figure out the problem. The kicker is that the "professor instructions" told her to do the very thing that it was marking her "incorrect" for.

If you think MyMathLab is bad, it's the tip of the iceberg, mate. MyLab IT is a buggy conglomerate of semi-helpful tutorials and touchy grading parameters.

Take this program out back and be rid of it before firing the fools that made it, Pearson. Honestly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Myitlab Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: For the program to actually use clear and fair parameters that aren't draconic..

Pearson Education Pros: Learning before this electronic abortion became manditory.

Pearson Education Cons: Program designed for failure.

  • Poor Design
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