Every single damn chapter I had was way too long. Took nearly my entire free day up.

Let me tell you this now, YOU aren't my only class that has assignments and *** do so lower the amount of *** you have to do for god's sakes!!!

Not only that but this site has made me want to cry! When I'd ask for help it would give me *** expressions, with no explanation but what the actual definition is and no one understands that *** I am beyond livid that a chapter with only 14 questions has already taken me well over an hour because each question I've had to do has taken me to do it twice because It MADE NO SENSE! My teacher sucks, she is like this site, rambles on expecting us to understand with each explanation ending in "You see? yes, okay lets continue.....

this that, done" She blocks the board constantly, then I come home to this piece of *** of a site with no assistance once so ever.

For the price the access code costs, i am glad I'm not the one paying. THIS SITE SUCKS FOR A MATH HELPER!

Reason of review: Site just sucks.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Pawtucket, Rhode Island

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