This is a horrible system to try and teach people how to do math. The problems are often done in multiple steps so 1a, 1b, 1c, ...1n and if you don't get the right answer to any of the steps you do not get full credit for completing the problem.

And then if you want to try again you get to start from the beginning. Going further, with the advent of CAS (Computer Algebra System) Pearson could have provided a revolutionary teaching system. Using CAS could have helped students realize their mistakes by providing hints about missed negative signs in multiplication and other common mistakes. But instead Pearson went cheap (I guess licensing software is not their cup of tea they'd rather overcharge for *** services rather than provide actual value!) Next we get into the USER Interface.

It is a complete joke. I open my assignments and the problem window will get no bigger than 1/3 of my screen and then it forces me to waste considerable time scrolling. Pearson should fire the brain dead web designer that came up with this system and hire a modern designer that can keep content above the fold and actually make the system user friendly. At least fixing the problem window would make using the system much easier.

I often spend more time entering my answers from paper into the system than I do working the problem. Forcing me to click on icons means I have to switch between my hands and the mouse constantly. Overall I would strongly recommend that teachers and professors avoid this system like the plague.

Old school paper is much better. Even if you have to grade it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Mymathlab Program.

Reason of review: Terrible interface..

Monetary Loss: $125.

Preferred solution: Fix your dam website, add CAS and remove the multiple step problems. .

Pearson Education Cons: Slow unresponsive website, Hard to resize text and images, Too much scrolling, Too much content below the fold, Old style outdated website design.

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