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There are several reasons why the Pearson Math XL program is terrible.

1. The program has inconsistent rounding errors. For example, in a problem where the answer is 0.11346, a reasonable person would round the fourth decimal place to give 0.1335. The system insists, however, that the correct answer is 0.1334. In another instance, with a trailing 3, the program rounded up. Both of these actually happened as I was using the program for precalculus (which is misspelled as precalculas) in section 12.9. While this seems to occur in many places, it always happens in questions involving e (Euler's number).

2. When asked to match up provided graphs with ones the user has created, the system provides no scale so one is left to guess. This can be especially difficult when graph options are very, very similar, as they often are,

3. While there is partial credit possible on overall questions, they have multiple sections, often going a-f, where there is no partial credit.

4. The professor cannot see the steps one has taken to offer assistance when one has made an actual error (see Item 1 for why this is particularly problematic).

5. Logging into the system is inconsistent. Even if one follows all the instructions provided regarding pop ups, add ons, and other browser settings, it might still keep you locked out. But other times it lets you enter without any problems at all. This problem persists across Firefox, Internet Explorer, Internet Edge, Safari, and Opera. It is equally inconsistent in all browsers.

6. For many questions, the instructions read as if not written by a native, fluent speaker of English. In others, questions are impossible to answer because necessary information is omitted. The parts on conic sections are a particular frustration in this regard.

Overall, this is a decent idea as a program to be used as an adjunct to in-class instruction, but it is still severely lacking in detail work and requires significant overhaul before I could recommend it for use.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Mathxl Program.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Preferred solution: Fix the rounding errors, especially those involving e, and rewrite the questions in native English..

Pearson Education Pros: Thinking i was done with them, I liked math before i used this software.

Pearson Education Cons: That the functions they boast dont actually work, How unreliable it was, Tech support, Rounding errors.

  • Ineffective Learn Tool
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