To start, this program looks like it hasn't been updated in at least the past decade. We know it has been updated though, because the information is current, so why would such a gigantic company not take the time to redesign these programs so that they're more student friendly? Within the modules are pages, and those pages may take 20 seconds to read, or they may contain up to 10 minutes of different matching, animations, or "levels." If you miss something when taking notes, and need to go back and listen again, you have to start THE ENTIRE page over again. You have to listen to the full text read to you over again, you cannot rewind within the pages. In addition, the outlines provided on the website are inconsistent, the outlines for the cardiac system were thorough and gave a clear view of what the modules have within them, and contained images similar to the ones in the modules. The immune system is another story. Those outlines contain only text, with no images, even though the modules have tons of images and animations that would be helpful to have in our notes. In addition, if you try and mute the program, it starts the entire page over again, if you aren't privy to this information, you could be in the last 1-2 minutes of a 8 minute page, and need to finish your notes, and don't want to listen to the cat meowing in the background(this really happened) and try to mute it, the page restarts. But even besides these design problems, there are flaws in the programming.

I have been having issues with this program for over a month, and I have spoken with tech support several times. After I had proven to three separate tech support agents that I had done everything required on my end to try and get these modules to work properly, my issue was sent higher up. The "higher up" team sent me an email asking to take a survey, it did not have a response number, or email, it only gave the original tech support page. I have had to switch between two different browsers to work through these modules at a snail's pace, and I have had to give up because each page replays quickly through a loop so that I can't listen to or read the information being given. I have also had issues with the "click and drag" animations, which in most cases are required to move on to the next section of the page. So if I can't match up the object to where it needs to go, because I can't see it move, I cannot finish the page.

I have wasted many hours and $85 on this, and I am very unhappy with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Pocatello, Idaho

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