Montreal, Quebec
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All I want it for my certificates to be sent to a university. I have payed for the application twice already, was told there was an issue with their system, and still haven't been refunded over a WEEK later.

Without my certificates sent from Edexcel I may not get into uni, and the worst part is it is completely out of mr control. First, I get a confirmation of my order then in another email I'm told it did not work for some reason. I called customer service for the 8th time probably to be told that it is an issue with the email login? This is causing serious unnecessary stress for me because I still have no idea what the problem is and do not want to be charged again without the order coming through.

This is very serious, my deadline is coming up and Pearson have done jackshit to help. I may not get into uni because of this, so Pearson, please get your *** together and help me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Mobile Application.

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