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I had to get a textbook for a class, but it needed an access code for the lab. The homework was coming up, so I ordered a textbook and spent for overnight delivery. The next day, they notify that the book is on back-order. Specifically, the email said that I can reply to cancel the order before it ships, and so I requested a cancellation and asked if there was an eText and lab of that same book.

The teacher, meanwhile, never received the course code, which is necessary in purchasing an eText and using the lab for the homework.

5 days later, I received an email that my textbook had shipped. I never received any email from customer service until 4 days after the textbook had shipped. The email was simply a restatement of my issue and a 'we hope you are satisfied with our support.' (What support?)

Imagine that the teacher had the course code and I bought the eText but the first order never cancelled. There was no response to the issue, no indication that it was being acknowledged, and possibly no way I could make a return (and receive a $150 refund) because customer service doesn't exist.

Also, the teacher is still waiting for the course code, and despite her many attempts to contact customer service, she still hasn't gotten a hold of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Customer Care.

Pearson Education Cons: Lack of service.

  • no customer service
  • Etext
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