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I use Pearson online course for a summer session. But tonight June 24, they choose to update their servers from around 8pm -12 pm on Sunday the next day.

By doing this anyone who wants to do homework from those hours cannot. Anyone who wants to study from there cannot. Anyone who wants to access the e-text cannot. What makes this especially bad, is that this is happening toward the end of the summer course when tests abound and deadlines for online homework approach closer.

It is such an inconvenience to not be able to do homework on the time they because of some update. People should not have to not do their homework because of other people. This has happened multiple times across several weekends and and despite all these updates, there appears to be no visible of substantial beneficial change to any of these so called updates. Contacting anyone is atrocious and tedious.

Numerous customers have complained on Twitter at them on multiple weekends and nothing changes.

All they get are the carbon-copy machine made answering-machine-like insultingly acting-like-we-are-trying-so-hard responses that do nothing. It's obvious the don't learn from their mistakes, because this keeps happening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Website.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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