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This service does not work. It leaves no room for imperfections and that frustrates the *** out of me.

MyMathLab suffers from one fatal flaw and that boils down to the overall linearity of the answers as there is only one EXACT right answer. you added an extra space when you wrote your ordered pair? INCORRECT you decided to type in pi instead of pi/1 despite being the same answer? DING *** YOUR ANSWER IS WRONG!

When you are failing quizzes because"your answer is juuuuuuuuuuuuuust off it becomes annoying AS ***

then we go to the videos that are supposed to help you, they RARELY ever help as they will only go over the bare basics of that section (Applies to the "textbooks" as well) and for some questions, THEY HAVE NO VIDEO TO GIVE YOU PROPER ASSISTANCE.

what doesn't help is that the speaker of the video is hard to understand at times and when you do understand what the *** he is saying you want to slice your ears off like Brian Griffin during his bad drug trip as his voice is grating as he constantly plubs up the lines with times where the videos display glitchy visuals that makes it even harder to see what he talks about. I honestly should not need to go to places like khan academy and other sites because your *** employees cannot write a competent book or make a competent and understandable video.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Mylab And Mastering Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: go bankrupt.

Pearson Education Cons: Poorly designed website and video player, Anything about pearson - they are a bootleg company in every way.

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