While studying for the NES 302 History exam, I have come across several errors in the Pearson study guide. This is very alarming, especially when having to list events in chronological order.

Pearson is a leader in the Ed-Tech industry which would have me believe these types of content errors are unacceptable. What if an individual doesn't pass the exam due to the errors within the study guide? How does one even begin to argue that and how will Pearson accept responsibility for such errors?

Some of the errors I have discovered are:

1. In every other piece of literature I have obtained, the Song Dynasty ruled from approximately 960AD to 1279AD.

The Pearson study guide mistakenly calls the Song Dynasty, the Sung Dynasty. You can imagine the confusion this may cause to those unfamiliar with the Chinese Dynasties. What if there is a question on the test asking about the accomplishments of the Song Dynasty? The individual won't have any idea.


In some parts of the Study Guide, it claims that Mussolini begins his dictatorship in Italy in 1926, however, in other parts, it states 1922. Again, if this were a question on the test in which historical events need to be listed in chronological order, this error could cause the tester to answer incorrectly. Not because they don't know the information but because of the inconsistencies within the Pearson study guide.

This certainly isn't an exhaustive list, but these are the two errors that have jumped out at me while studying and honestly, I find it troubling and it has caused me to raise doubt with the content in general.

Lastly, I recommend you add an index to your study guide.

It would make finding specific information much easier. I also recommend updating your content to include videos and such, similar to study.com and the khan academy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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