College Station, Texas
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I have had to contact pearson 3 different times all in the past 4 hours and my problem has not only yet to be solved but is also WORSE than it was previously.

My problem was simply that I could not access my course and needed to know why and how I go about solving that problem. I had purchased access, the etext, and catalytics through the temp access of the course so when the temp was up I still could still access my class.

The first person I talked to was through the chat and not only didn't fully answer any of my questions but only spat copied versions of what was already in pearsons FAQ web pages; which are not helpful. The second time I contacted was via phone where I "received assistant" from a woman who assured me she saw nothing wrong with my account and that I simply needed to wait 30 minutes to 1. Whatever the *** 1 means it certainly wasn't 1 hour, which I waited and found my problem to be much worse. Not only did I not have access to my course, now she had managed to UNREGISTER me from it. The third representative I spoke to was extremely kind, helpful, and was the only person who seemed genuinely like she cared and wanted to solve the issue but was unable to and so transferred me to someone whom she claimed was a "mastering specialist". This fourth person was by far the worst and rudest person out of the bunch. She point blank told me I had used the wrong website to make the purchase and that I needed to request a refund and use the correct website. I asked her what the correct website was and she spit out the same exact website I had been using. I tried to explain this to her calmly and she kept telling me "No, that isn't correct, it is this one" to which I would reply "Yes, I KNOW. I'm there now and my issue is _______." Eventually she got to the point where she blamed my professor for having the wrong link up and told me I needed to get him to change it to a different one. (Please note that my issue is the same using both websites and regardless of which I use I get taken to the exact same place) When I explained to her that Pearson had sent out a representative to set everything up and that my professor had no hand in it she told me he needed to then contact a sales representative to figure out the problem. I asked her then if I might speak with one to solve my problem and she told me "No, only professors may speak to them. There is nothing I can do to help you. Have a nice day."

It is extremely unprofessional as an educational supply company to leave students with no answers and the inability to access their courses. I was blown off by a SERVICE representative and was told she would not help me and that pearson is only willing to work with my professor which is extremely unacceptable. My professor is NOT the person paying for the service and as such should NOT be the only person their representatives are concerned with. I have requested a refund in hopes that this will reset my account and make it so I might then repurchase access so I can continue the course but was notified this could take up to 15 days. Every day this is a class there is an activity using pearsons that costs me points.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: To be able to purchase whatever it is I need to purchase to have access to my class, which I am paying a ridiculous amount to be in..

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