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I am very concern about how you train your employees at Pearson. I was on the phone with one of your customer services representative who indicated I need to call the college for ISBN number before I can purchase the Access Code.

She then gave me a reference number 150822-000770 that will allow the next representative to pick up from where we left off. I called back with the ISBN and gave the second customer representative, Chelsey the previous reference number. She was clueless, argumentative, and unprofessional. I wanted was to purchase an access code.

I used Pearson for inorganic chemistry, A&P I and II, and all my math classes. Chelsey needs to be train, she also refused to let me talk to her supervisor, she informed me supervisors are not for students. After insisting for at about an hour, she then indicated that she will transfer me to Jamyra.

I am still on hold was waiting to be transfer.

She gave me a reference number of 150822-00963. It shouldn't take me an hour to purchase an access code.

Reason of review: Clueless, unprofessional, repeatative, and arguementative customer service representative.

Location: Laurel, Maryland

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Same thing happened to me. Except I spoke to Sheberrica.

She refused to let me speak to a supervisor or a manager.

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