I am assisting my 7th grade grandson with his online learning. Career class is old and outdated.

There is no alignment between the text and text questions. The author has not updated to include new careers and I can tell with the remarks that a building in Dubai is taller than the Twin Towers in New York. Really? Then the quizzes are designed to cause confusion.

They introduce concepts in the flashcards but do not cover the information in the reading. One text questions requested a 12-year-old opinion on moving jobs to China, and he said "what?". How about a text question about being a biochemist in the engineering section of architecture and engineering --nothing about biochemist.

1. You need to develop an alignment process between text questions and reading.


You need to change your quizzes to reflect the reading and exploring a career.

3. Your quizzes need to stop inserting trick questions and the person who develops this test needs to attend a test development seminar.

4. New careers are developing all the time and you need to keep up with solar, geothermal, and wind energy.

5. In today's world of short videos, some professional speaking to them in the chapter of study would improve your information.


You need to contact all the school district personnel who have purchased this curriculum and inform them that there are problems.

7. By the way, archeology is a science that relates to art.

User's recommendation: Do not buy unless it is corrected.

Preferred solution: Update the Career curriculum, alignment of text with questions and quiz, .

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