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Over half my class is unable to access the course online with their access codes from the university book store. Tech support said the online course has an issue and that everyone would need new access codes. After speaking to 5 different people and getting elevated multiple times, I was told that they would reissue codes to the rest of my class as they called. I, however, would not be getting a new code because I purchased my product through amazon. The supervisor I spoke to said he could not elevate me any further but admitted he had the ability to generate access keys. He said that I should buy the product from the book store.

I reminded him that it was the course online and not my product that was defective. I told him that if I buy the code again, this time from the book store, that code will still not work because of the issue with the online course.

After some yelling I asked how he could justify believing me to have purchased the product lawfully and denying me access to what I had purchased. This is company policy, he said. Surely, I was to understand company policy. When I brought up that Toyota is still responsible for a car sold at CarMax, he again said no sir this is company policy. At one point, he said, "you can't buy and product at Target and return it to Walmart." I'm not returning the product, just asking that it be made to work with the defective product they sold my professor, who did not buy through a third party.

In case you are having difficulty following this ridiculous situation, the online course created by my professor has a bug but somehow my product is the problem in their eyes. The bookstore at my school says I purchased the correct ISBN for the course. They will be providing me a new code at no cost, which I can then provide tech support when I call, so that I can then be elevated again and have them generate a new code.

I am studying computer engineering and, in the past, worked as a computer technician. I make calls regarding glitches and access codes fairly often. I have never in my life seen a software not supported by a company in this manner when it is known to be legally purchased.

Reason of review: Poor customer support; Poor tech support; Poor policies in place; Overly complex support structure with poor communication between levels.

Monetary Loss: $70.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

  • slow support
  • Poor Tech Support
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Update: Turns out the book store changed it's mind and decided they can't give my the access code for free. I had to spend $150 and give this p.o.s.

company more money. The new code, as expected, didn't work because the code wasn't the issue.

This time when I called, however, my code wasn't in the third party seller range and they reissued me a code that would work with my professors messed up course. Good thing I paid $150 on top of the $300 or so I spent on the first package so they could do the same thing they did before.