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Although you have TWO years to retake a course, according to Pearson, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT. I dropped a course before the add/drop period ended for my school because the professor was retarded, so I re-enrolled next semester with a better professor who used the same book.

The professor told me to call to re-activate the "lab". Ohh man, lo and and behold a week later I'm still trying to get that lab reactivated. Customer support is *** retarded. The first time I called I was patient, I was talking to this one *** for about 30 minutes, explaining to him that I can reactive the course because I have two years to retake the course.

He proceeded to tell me that I didn't have the same course. So I told the guy to read the course, look at the lab, and read what the book is. He proceeded to tell me its a different book, although he read the same course, same title, author AND the edition verbatim. I eventually got frustrated and hung up.

After verifying with my professor that I'm not crazy, he said yes, its the same book, just try again. So I wait a few days, called back, this time they keep asking me for a new access code. Im like, you gotta be *** kidding... Im not buying a new access code, I already paid for one.

Eventually I asked for a supervisor, so they hung up on me. Then I tried using the "online chat" hahahahah. OMG, I spent over an hour explaining the same *** to this person, they literally throw every excuse about why they can't reactivate the course from "not having a new access code" to "its not the same book" to "its different material". I can go on...

I swear this *** is a SCAM. When you call the regular customer service number, you are put on with an english speaking agent, once you say you are trying to re-enroll, they transfer you over to India where they can barely speak English and do everything they can to *** you off beyond belief so you just say *** it and go buy another access code. I mean, the company can't be struggling, I already paid for this ***, just let me access the *** course.

Practically every big school in the country uses this ***, these people are making a fortune, but they are *** over college students any chance they get. Its bad enough the schools themselves are bending students over and *** them in the *** with the tuition, then you got *** companies like this trying to steal my *** Ramen Noodle money, *** outta here!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Pearson is a scam. Just another corporation that only cares about swindling broke college students.