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Horrible, horrible, horrible customer service system. Was immediately put through to an agent when initially seeking help, chatted for about 30 minutes, and was ultimately told to speak to my instructor.

My instructor has made it clear that she can not resolve technical issues, and that I must speak with Pearson support. After the 30 minute chat, it was not worth the back and forth. I thanked the customer service rep and ended the chat. After I thought I was finished with Pearson support, after 24 hours had gone by, I had received over 75 emails asking about my experience with customer support.

After angrily deleting all of them, the next morning I have about 50 more. Over 120 emails in a 48 period. What a terrible automated system.

I might have been able to get past this had the rep been helpful and not dismissive and actually resolved my issue, but this was just unacceptable. Shocked that I actually have to pay money for this undeveloped, unprofessional service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pearson Education Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You failed to inform us as to the type and specifications of the product.

You also failed to indicate the costs involved.

We don't know what you tried to buy, what you expected, what happened other than an emotional issue over wasted telephone time.

You repeated a single word three times in a row. "horrible, horrible, horrible".

That is grammatically absurd and is never employed unless describing three different circumstances or points of order.

Have fun deleting e-mails and don't forget to keep count.

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