This is the second semester in a row that I had to take a Pearson Educations online Math class. After paying an outrageous amount of money to access their course, I've had the course deactivated on me for no reason.

Each time I've spent hours on the phone trying to access back to class. My most recent occurrence, I was hung up on after I asked the operator to check back with me because my phone was going to die. She said, if the call drops she will call back. I said to her, How are you going to call back if my phone is dead?

She said, Oh, then hung up on me without resolving my problem. I've never dealt with anyone in any educational institution that was that ignorant. I am now waiting for some to answer a chat. I've been waiting for 22 minutes.

Long enough for me to find this site and vent my frustration. I can understand if this was the first time.. but this is now the second time I had to deal with them.

I will switch my university if I have to take another Pearson Course. I am completely done with this horse ish and pray that I do not have to change universities because of Pearson.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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